Readonly, relevant attributes for trigger

Could you add 'relevant' and 'readonly' attributes to the trigger element
(instead of bind)? Spec is very confusing about trigger binding. Here's what
the spec says:

> Data Binding Restrictions: Binds to any node.

Well, OK, why?

> This form control does not directly interact with form data,

That's what I'm saying. What's the reason behind this?

> but is affected by model item properties of the bound node,

Which ones?

> thus binding attributes are not required.

That's the point.

In real life, for me it means that I have to create helper instance + helper
bindings (bloating, again), just to manage relevant/readonly for buttons,
because there is NO node in instance data with proper values for these
attributes. If that's the intention, could this be clarified in the spec.
Otherwise, attribute solution is  preferred.

Thank you, and forgive my ignorance.


P.S. This concludes my personal issue list with XForms spec, was 5 for spec 1.0,
left 3. I was very happy to find out that other issues are already addressed in
1.1 Working Draft. I am authoring/generating XForms for over a year now.

Received on Tuesday, 13 February 2007 04:44:01 UTC