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Looking for examples...

From: Mary Deaton <mmdeaton@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 22:55:36 +0100
To: CHI-WEB@listserv.acm.org
Message-ID: <4ce6ed240702161355n3261d11erf8ed32982c1c275d@mail.gmail.com>

Looking for examples of well-designed, table- free complex forms, such as  
a data-entry application for an intranet. I am recommending a redesign of  
a database
front-end that has been cobbled together over several years using frames  
tables and will need help convincing the developers it is possible.

Any recommendations of sites to look at or screen shots of site not
available to me are appreciated. Send directly to me and I will summarize.

Mary Deaton
Deaton Interactive Design and SodaBlue Partners
Tools of the UX Trade - http://uxtools.blogspot.com

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