post using non-http protocol in the action


I'm looking at a behavior we have in Mozilla where if we detect a post 
but it isn't http, we toss a xforms-submit-error since we don't know how 
post should behave with other protocols.  While this isn't exactly 
against spec, this behavior isn't common amongst other processors. 
XSmiles and formsPlayer seem to just handle the action.  For example, if 
the form is loaded off the web but the action is local, the local file 
from the action is displayed when @replace="all" and when 
@replace="instance" the instance is replaced with the contents of the 
local file.  But this isn't perfectly consistent because if I load the 
same form locally and the action points to a local file formsPlayer will 
throw a xforms-submit-error (I'm guessing this is a bug since it doesn't 
do this when served from a server?).

So I guess I need to know:
1) is this a question I need to wait for the WG to resolve?  The 
question being, "what should 'post' do in non-http protocols?"  Is this 
actually handled in another spec?
2) is what XSmiles and formsPlayer do the norm for XForms 
implementations?  If so, is this the norm just for file protocol or will 
all non-http protocols be handled this way?  Are XSmiles and formsPlayer 
(and other processors) actually submitting anything or just building the 
'post' without any data to post?  I guess I can't think of any other 
protocol that might use the data, but I am naive when it comes to 
emerging web stuff.  Could be things that might use the data that I'm 

Any guidance appreciated,

Received on Friday, 16 February 2007 17:20:58 UTC