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It looks like you did not try Orbeon Forms: by default we put labels for 
select/@appearance="full" and select1/@appearance="full" to the right of 
the checkbox or radio button. Because, as has been pointed out in this 
thread, this is what you want most of the time. Check the second tab here:

Of course this is automatically reversed if you decide to use a 
right-to-left language, but that change is then done automatically by 
the HTML renderer.

Now to answer your question, at this point we don't allow user control 
over positioning of the item labels, except using XSLT post-processing.

Using CSS, by the way, would be the ideal way, but in Orbeon Forms CSS 
is interpreted by the browser, which means that if a CSS property is not 
supported by the browser then we can't use it, obviously. So our 
solution will probably be to add an extension attribute on XForms 
controls for that purpose.

Note that for select/@appearance="full" and select1/@appearance="full", 
you have two types of labels:

o one label for each item
o a global label for the whole control

Here, like for other controls, we display the label for the whole 
control on the left by default.


> Hi,
> I noticed that every xforms processor that I tried put the labels for 
> boolean inputs (usually rendered as checkboxes) to the left of the 
> checkbox even though the overwhelming preference for html forms is to 
> have the label on the right of a checkbox.  Do any xforms processors 
> allow their authors to position a boolean input's label to the right of 
> the control?  Perhaps using a CSS style?
> I guess the better question might be, does any processor allow the form 
> author to determine the label position (either left or right of the 
> underlying control) of any xforms control?  And if so, how?
> Thanks,
> --Aaron

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