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[Forwarded from Andy Camps] Volunteer as translator for HTML4.01 in Dutch

[Forwarded] translating HTML 4.01 to Dutch

[Forwarded] translator HTML4 - spanish

[Moderator Action] [w3c-translators] <none>

[Moderator Action] [XHTML 1.0] French Version

[Moderator Action] Chinese translation of standard documents

[Moderator Action] English/Japanese/chinese translator

[Moderator Action] Help for MathML translation to spanish

[Moderator Action] Help request (French, Dom Level 1)

[Moderator Action] Translation XSLT -> German

[Moderator Action] translator to spanish

[Moderator Action] Volunteer as a translator of HTML 4.01 recommendation (Korean)

[Moderator Action] XSLT/XPath Recommendation Translation to Japanese Done

[Re: Especification CSS2 into Spanish finished]

[XHTML 1.0] French Version + Commentaries

Accessibility Features of CSS into Japanese

Compact HTML in Japanese

Complete translation of Accessibility Features of CSS into Japanese

DOM Level 1 into german

DOM specification in Bahasa Indonesia

DT4DTD and XHTML Basic in Japanese

Dutch translation HTML 4: status unknown

Especification CSS2 into Spanish finished

French version de ATAG 1.0

German: Associating Style Sheets with XML documents

How much could I charge (was: Volunteering)

HTML 4.0 in spanish

HTML 4.01 into Japanese

HTML Document Object Model

HTML3.2/CSS1 Polish translation

Lizhe Mao, simplified chinese any specification related to cgi,html,xml etc

Please avoid frames,... (was: Re: Translation of XHTML 1.0 into Korean finishied

Please avoid frames...., suppliment correction

Please link Korean translation page of XHTML 1.0 to W3C translation page

registration for a slovak/csech translation

request for a volunteer translator

Smil 1.0 in german

status translation to Dutch

Translation of HTML 4.01 into Korean finishied

Translation of HTML4.01 to Dutch

Translation of XHTML 1.0 Rec.

Translation XML into Estonian

Translations of the HTML 4 Specification

Update of Translations page



XHTML 1.0 Recommendation into Spanish

XML 1.0 in italian

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