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Yu Hai wrote:

> I checked What I saw is only Title and few 
> lines translated. Even header not be set properly. I hope you can get 
> everything done before annoucing. This is not a plce for your "annoucware". 
> Actually I am translating this document into Chinese now.

I also checked the page and to me it looks fairly complete, though I
cannot read or write Chinese. But I have other comments on the document:

The document claims conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
1.0, level Triple-A (by the icon at the bottom), but violates it in at least
three ways:

- The document does not validate with the W3C HTML validator. (In my opinion
  a violation of guideline 3.2)
- The primary language of the document is given as "en" which seems inappropriate
  for a Chinese text. (Violates guideline 4.3)
- The document uses the deprecated FONT element, violating guideline 11.2.

In addition, the pop-up window may be seen as a violation of guideline 10.1,
though it can be suppressed by disabling JavaScript.

I hope I'm not thought being too pedantic, but I think if a document
claims conformance with a standard, it should really conform to it.

Rene Hartmann

Received on Thursday, 9 March 2000 04:29:22 UTC