HTML Document Object Model

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I am new to this list, and I did not see this question in the

In this question, I will be referring to the French and Spanish
translations of XHTML 1.0 which are located at:


An object model is a model for an object in any language, I am sure.

In French we have:
     Modèle Objet de Document HTML
     = an object model of an HTML document.

In Spanish we have:
     Modelo del Objeto Documento de HTML
     = a model of the HTML Document Object

Have I understood these translations correctly?
Is only one of them correct?
Is the HTML Document Object Model:
     (1) an object model of an HTML document;
     (2) a model of an HTML document object?
Or, is the translation of this simply language-specific?

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   - Zeno

Received on Tuesday, 15 February 2000 00:58:51 UTC