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Hi Pei Jianfeng,

I checked What I saw is only Title and few 
lines translated. Even header not be set properly. I hope you can get 
everything done before annoucing. This is not a plce for your "annoucware". 
Actually I am translating this document into Chinese now.

See you next time.

Yu Hai an.

"jfpei (by way of Martin J. Duerst )" wrote:
>Dear Madam/Sir:
>I have translated 
><> page into 
>Simplified Chinese version
>at <> If 
>you could add this URL to your list of
>translation page, that will be greatly appreciated. My name is Jianfeng Pei 
>my email <>。」</FONT>
>Jianfeng Pei
>Mar. 6, 2000

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