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  • From: Karl Dubost <karl@la-grange.net>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 23:02:58 +0100
  • Subject: [XHTML 1.0] French Version + Commentaries
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Dear authors,
Dear Dave,

I've just finished to translate to a french version XHTML 1.0

It's now available at


* Commentaries :

1/ Internationalization
It could be very interesting to have on the consortium site a note about
the translations and the exact meaning of keywords in different
languages It could be an international effort. I mean

URL : how should I translate it in french, spanish, arab... ?
user agent : what is precisely the meaning of user agent in different
languages ?

It will become a *** multilingual glossary *** of the consortium that
translators, writers, technicians, teachers... could take as reference

2/ About 3.2 User Agent Conformance
.AN+ ... (what look like words in Arabic to an English eye frequently
encode several words, e.g. 'kitAbuhum' = 'kitAbu-hum' = 'book them' ==
their book) ... N;

it will be better to have :

N+ ... (what look like words in Arabic to a latine languages eye
frequently encode several words, e.g. 'kitAbuhum' = 'kitAbu-hum' = 'book
them' == their book) ... N;

 N+ ... languages in the Chinese script tradition typically neither
encode such
              delimiters nor use typographic whitespace in this way ...

It was the case at the ancien times for the roman civilization, there
was no typographic whitespaces.

3/ HTML Source
Sometimes, I think you forget the &nbsp; character between HTML and 4.

Any commentaries are welcome to improve this french document

Best Regards.
Karl Dubost, karl@la-grange.net

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