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webschema-ISSUE-24 (Action antagonym vs antonym): using antagonym instead of antonym? [Feedback on] Web Schemas TF Issue Tracker (Thursday, 29 August) typo: "antagonym" Dan Scott (Thursday, 29 August)

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Invalid "@context" in JSON-LD examples? Dan Scott (Wednesday, 14 August)

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Why have duplications been allowed? Craig Fryer (Wednesday, 14 August)

Proposal: Place - LandmarksOrHistoricalBuildings - Castle Craig Fryer (Wednesday, 14 August)

Discussion: CivicStructure - Beach should be Landform Craig Fryer (Wednesday, 14 August)

Proposal: Place - PlaceOfWorship - Indigenous Sacred Site Craig Fryer (Wednesday, 14 August)

Proposal: Place - Landform - Valley Craig Fryer (Wednesday, 14 August)

Proposal: Place - Landform - BodyOfWater - Creek Craig Fryer (Wednesday, 14 August)

Proposal: Place: UNESCO World Heritage Site Craig Fryer (Wednesday, 14 August)

RE: Update: VisualArtwork type proposed in May this year Thanigai Vellore (Monday, 12 August)

RDFa Lite representation of character encoding Dan Scott (Monday, 12 August)

Error Incomplete microdata with Willem-Siebe Spoelstra (Monday, 12 August) a broader definition Dan Scott (Thursday, 8 August) typo: "availablity" Dan Scott (Wednesday, 7 August)

Re: Actions - an update and call for review Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 7 August)

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What to do if a Place fits more than one type? Craig Fryer (Friday, 2 August)

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