Re: Proposal: Looking inside tables

> That would not work for a few reasons. First the class attribute is
> already defined in HTML, so how would the parser know whether the class
> attribute should be ignored (if used in the CSS sense), or taken into
> account ( table extension).
Yeap, knew that, bad example, but I throw things around and eschew
standards at times to re-think what is plausible or possible or sometimes
even better.  I'm an inventor by nature. sorry.

> Secondly, this would not validate.
Yeap, knew that as well.  again, I invent to bring new ways of looking or
tackling problems.

> Finally, that's just not how RDFa and microdata work: they each have their
> own attributes inside which you add tokens corresponding to schema.orgterms... so this would be a major departure from the already standardized
> formats for expressing structured data in HTML... The way I understand this
> proposal is that it's a DSL on top of RDFa/microdata, but it remains fully
> compatible with HTML. It would require parsers to have a specific
> extensions to support this markup (one could imagine a preprocessor
> distributing the right attributes to the row HTML element so that a regular
> parser can parse the data).
> Steph.
Yeah, I see this also as an extension that would need to be supported.  I
am also thinking way forward and wondering how higher kinded types might be
expressed at the <table> tag level and populate down to the row level
inside the table.  which is the whole reason for me bringing up the mock
example... to get folks thinking outside the box of standards (even just
for a few minutes).

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