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tests for opacity, origin and writingMode Geoff Freed (Tuesday, 30 December)

unicodeBidi, zIndex tests Geoff Freed (Monday, 29 December)

more tts tests Geoff Freed (Friday, 19 December)

beginEnd002: par timeContainer and child with no duration Philippe Le Hegaret (Monday, 15 December)

roll-up examples Geoff Freed (Monday, 15 December)

TTAF1-DFXP WD Editor's Copy Update - 20081214 Glenn A. Adams (Sunday, 14 December)

TTWG minutes 12/12/2008 Geoff Freed (Friday, 12 December)

Roll up in DFXP Andrew Kirkpatrick (Friday, 12 December)

new tts:padding tests Geoff Freed (Friday, 12 December)

tts:padding only applies to region? Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 12 December)

corrected tests Geoff Freed (Thursday, 11 December)

new textAlign tests Geoff Freed (Thursday, 11 December)

more style tests Geoff Freed (Thursday, 11 December)

TextAlign002 and use of textAlign on span elements Philippe Le Hegaret (Wednesday, 10 December)

spec typo Content Hierarchy Region Mapping example code Sean Hayes (Wednesday, 10 December)

semantics of unbound region attribute. Sean Hayes (Wednesday, 10 December)

test suite issue Sean Hayes (Wednesday, 10 December)

question re tts:display test Geoff Freed (Wednesday, 10 December)

spec question - extent Sean Hayes (Tuesday, 9 December)

Spec problem - text outline Sean Hayes (Monday, 8 December)

Spec anomaly - opacity Sean Hayes (Monday, 8 December)

caption/subtitle discussion on ogg accessibility list Geoff Freed (Monday, 8 December)

TTWG minutes 12/05/08 Geoff Freed (Friday, 5 December)

XML:id in Flash's TimedTextManager Andrew Kirkpatrick (Friday, 5 December)

Test suite is now live Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 5 December)

xml:lang semantics Glenn A. Adams (Friday, 5 December)

about XML 1.1 (was: Re: new issue? dfxp and language selection) Silvia Pfeiffer (Thursday, 4 December)

more style tests geoff freed (Thursday, 4 December)

TT telecon - agenda for 5 Dec David Kirby (Thursday, 4 December)

new issue? dfxp and language selection Philippe Le Hegaret (Wednesday, 3 December)

ttp:* test files David Kirby (Wednesday, 3 December)

What time is the Teleconn on December 5th John Birch (Wednesday, 3 December)

xml:space Geoff Freed (Tuesday, 2 December)

tests for tts:textDecoration, tts:textAlign and tts:padding Geoff Freed (Monday, 1 December)

error in 8.2.20 Geoff Freed (Monday, 1 December)

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