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[ALL] agenda 14 Sep telecon

[ALL] agenda 28 Sep telecon

[ALL] agenda 7 Sep telecon

[ALL] Agenda for 21 Sep 2011

[All] Agenda for 31 August 2011

[ALL] Introduction

[Graphs] Proposal: RDF Datasets

[Turtle] in HTML

Admin : comments lists

Agenda late

BBC Location Open Late?

Can JSON-LD cater for Talis' RDF/JSON design goals?

complete graphs

Datayped tagged literals: a case for option 4 vs option 2d

Draft agenda 15 Sep tccordination telecon

example of options 3 & 4 simplifying code (ACTION-86)

Extended regrets at least for two months.

F2F, 2nd location in Europe?

FTF: my London hotel info

got an error message in minutes generation

interrim poll results

language-tagged literal datatypes

meeting minutes ready for review.

Minutes from 7 Sep telecon

minutes last wek?

Miscellaneous Turtle issues

my vote on the varieties of datatyped tagged literals

New mailing list: RDF/Prov joint task force

On Graph is in Turtle (was Re: today's minutes available)

On Graphis in Turtle (was Re: today's minutes available)

Poll on language tagged literals

Proposed text for language-tagged strings (ISSUE-71)

Provenance WG Requirements for Named Graphs

RDF Datasets - reflections

RDFWG+ProvWG Joint Meeting about "Graphs" (eg Named Graphs)

regrets for next week

Regrets for Telecon 14 Sep

Regrets for today's meeting

Reversing the debate.

Reversing the debate. (was:Datayped tagged literals: a case for option 4 vs option 2d)

Review of Pierre-Antoine's review of SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol

Straw-man proposal for RDF datasets added to Concepts ED

Syntax Turtle used for graphs

today's minutes available

Today's minutes: how to set the scribe afterward

Unifying RDF Provenance Use Case: Trust

Use cases for multiple graphs in RDF, from SDMX/DDI

varieties of datatyped tagged literals

WG Time on RDF Literals issue

why I don't like default graphs in the DATASET proposal

why I don't like named graph IRIs in the DATASET proposal

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