Re: [ALL] agenda 28 Sep telecon

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 3:16 PM, William Waites <> wrote:

> >>>>> "cygri" == Richard Cyganiak <> writes:
>    cygri> Regrets for today. I'm at a project meeting.
> Likewise for me, unfortunately...
Regrets from me again I'm afraid.

>    cygri> I'd like to see a check for consensus for 2d.
> Personally I still favour 3a then 3b and am not really convinced by the
> "modelling languages is hard" and "using the datatype machinery in anger
> is risky" arguments.

I am still unclear on the use case for changing the behaviour of literals. I
couldn't find one or background on how it got onto the charter to help me
understand the purpose of changing literal datatypes. My vote, as I
expressed on the recent poll, would be for no change at all.


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