Provenance WG Requirements for Named Graphs

Hi all,

Luc Moreau, co-chair of the Provenance WG [1] made some useful statements about their needs for named graphs on the SWCG call this morning:

They have two use cases:
  1.  The Provenance WG will serialize provenance data and will "very likely" need named graphs to do so.  They plan to expose their requirements for this "in the next couple of months".

  2.  They will want to express provenance for a "bunch of triples" and therefore expect that the RDF WG will be able to tell them how to give a URI to a named graph holding those triples.

Luc (and Sandro) sees use case #1 as the responsibility of the Provenance WG to get us their requirements.  Use case #2 is waiting on us.

I think the RDF WG needs to finalize our named graph terminology, preferably before FTF2.



Received on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 14:04:05 UTC