Re: WG Time on RDF Literals issue

On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 9:36 AM, Ivan Herman <> wrote:

> Ian, Michael
> my goal proposing the poll was to try to put and end to this... Please cast
> your vote in the poll. With a bit of luck some sort of a consensus will
> emerge and then we can move on.

Yes I appreciate the goal of the poll. The problem is I have to make a yes
or no vote on every proposal which means I need to spend time deciding my
opinion on all those options now. Simply voting no on everything except 1 is
not a good outcome because some of those proposals have genuine merit that
warrant consideration. I don't want my vote to count against them but I
don't know my preference. I would rather be investing this time in something
the WG is required to do rather than something that is a time permitting

> All: I think it would be better if we all chose only one 'Yes, and prefer'
> option. That would help in finding a way out...


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