Re: Review of Pierre-Antoine's review of SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol


some answers to Antoine's remarks on the content

On 08/30/2011 06:15 PM, Antoine Zimmermann wrote:
>  > ** RDF graph content
>  >
>  >    the definition is strange: "an information identified by the URI
>  >    of named graph"; then it should be named graph ?!...
> A named graph is a pair <name,graph>, while the information "identified" 
> by the IRI is a single thing.

Well, the document does not explicitly cite the Named Graph paper
(Caroll et al. 2005), so I was mainly relying on intuition: if X's name
is Y's name, then X and Y should be the same (as "names" on the SW are
unambiguous names...).

And btw, the Named Graph paper confirms that intuition:

  For every Named Graph ng ∈ N, we have I(name(ng)) = ng

> Moreover, "an information identified" should be replaced by "an 
> information resource identified".


>  >   I would rather say that the RDF graph is the current *state* of the
>  >   RDF graph content (see g-box and g-snap in
>  >
> I'm not sure if I agree but this just show that the notion of RDF graph 
> content is not clear enough.

I think above all that the name "graph content" is poorly chosen.

>  > * 5.2 HTTP PUT
>  >
>  >  + "[the URI] identifies the RDF payload". The RDF payload is an
>  >    entity, not a a resource; it is *not* identified by a URI.
> "not a a resource"
> I do not understand what you mean. "entity", "resource", what are these 
> things?

"entity" and "resource" have precise meanings when it comes to HTTP, and
they are distinct. I should have written

  The RDF payload is an entity, not a HTTP resource; it is *not*
  identified by the URI of the corresponding HTTP resource.

> Do you mean RDF Resource? "Resource" as in REST? 

see above

> Everything can 
> be identified by a URI and everything is an RDF Resource.

Of course... But you will agree that a g-box/graph-content, a
g-snap/graph and a g-text/payload/entity are three different resources,
and should therefore not be considered to have the same IRI.


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