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[DM] 7.7.3 Construction (of text nodes) from an Infoset

[DM] white space handling in October 04 draft [6.7 Text Nodes]

[DM]Relative order of Attribute Nodes

[DM]Some doubts/comments

[F&O] Casting to xs:NOTATION, xs:QName not clarified

[F&O] Editorial: fn:ceiling and negative zero

[F&O] Editorial: fn:concat use of "convert"

[F&O] Editorial: fn:local-name-from-QName incorrect capitalization of xs:NCName

[F&O] fn:doc and fragment-ids

[F&O] fn:expanded-QName

[F&O] regular expressions: non-capturing groups

[F&O] rounding functions for decimal arguments

[ following/preceding-sibling shorthands in XPath 2.0]

[RESPONSE qt-2004Feb0384-01] [General] Please use less namespaces

[Serial] 2 Sequence Normalization

[Serial] > in processing instructions

[Serial] I18N WG last call comments

[Serial] Normalization and References

[Serial] Re: [xsl] Preserving character entities

[Serial] XHTML indentation

[Serial] XHTML Serialization

[Serialization] SCHEMA-G

[XPath/XQuery] unpredictable error handling ( qt-2004Feb0391-01 )

[XQuery] "Cartesian Product"

[XQuery] can function be defined without a prefix?

[XQuery] context for execution of imported functions

[XQuery] Error handling

[XQuery] I18N last call comments: [16]

[XSLT2.0] Further on use-when on xsl:transform

[XSLT2.0] use-when attribute on xsl:transform

[XSLT20] line ends in unparsed-text()

[xslt20] reference to xquery (editorial)

Alertbox: Acting on User Research (and update on Bush vs Kerry usability)

Do current-dateTime() and implicit-timezone() automatically adjust for DST?

following/preceding-sibling shorthands in XPath 2.0

I18N comments on XPath 2.0

Is xdt:anyAtomicType itself atomic?

Issue qt-2004Feb0386-01 [XPath] Consistency Constraints

Request for yet another function - truncating trailing spaces for string values

WS-Reliability specification submitted for OASIS Standard


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