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[Bug 9434] precedence between charset and http-equiv

[I18N] questions about date-local

[widgets PC] i18n comment 15 : Persian dir examples

[widgets PC] i18n comment 17 : What ITS did

[widgets PC] i18n comment 18 : Empty dir value

[widgets PC] i18n comment 19 : Corrupted Chinese text

[widgets PC] i18n comment 20 : Misuse of xml:lang for localization flag

[widgets PC] i18n comment 21: i18n string

[widgets PC] i18n comment 21: Language tag case

[widgets PC] i18n comment 22: Default content

[widgets PC] i18n comment 23: i18n string

[widgets] Korean text corrupted

[widgets] Re: i18n comments:

[widgets] Span example

AGNEDA 2010-05-19: Internationalization Teleconference

Calendaring I18N

charset attribute on a, link and script elements

Client side JavaScript i18n API

consider encoding declaration for script files?

DOM3 key events: Editorial feedback 1

env(date), env(time), env(date-time)

f2f meeting day 1 notes: resolutions on sections 2.1, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 of "Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML"

Face-to-face meeting on "Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML"

FYI: time zone document...

HTML5 number

i18n comments:

i18n comments: (was: [widgets] Span example)

I18N feedback on Issue-88

i18n telecon minutes: 2010-05-26

i18n tests for SVG

ISSUE 88 - Change proposal (new update)

ISSUE-88 - Change proposal (new update)

ISSUE-88 content-language: informal consensus check

Issue-88 objections

Key events feedback: Key values set

LC Heads-Up: System Information API

mediafragment track names and IRIs.

proposal for WG responsed to issue-88

Proposal to make Content-Language pragma non-conforming altogether for ISSUE-88 (mark I)

Proposed new article: Using <b> and <i> tags

Question on text search

White-space handling for East and SE Asian scripts in CSS3

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