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[comments] Selectors-API

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[HTML5] i18n comment 1: Rendering bidi without a style sheet

[HTML5] i18n comment 2: bdo element doesn\'t leave rendering up to presentation layer

[HTML5] i18n comment 3: Add note about using bidi constructs in content

[HTML5] i18n comment 4: Add rlo and lro values to dir

[ssml11] Fifth WD of SSML 1.1 is published

[UAX29] i18n comment 10: Different types of grapheme cluster?

[UAX29] i18n comment 11: for complete

[UAX29] i18n comment 12: Legacy vs. desired

[UAX29] i18n comment 14: a key feature are

[UAX29] i18n comment 15: run-on sentence

[UAX29] i18n comment 16: Where is 9b?

[UAX29] i18n comment 17: Search engines

[UAX29] i18n comment 18: Scripts without spaces

[UAX29] i18n comment 19: Word break algorithm

[UAX29] i18n comment 1: Grapheme terminology

[UAX29] i18n comment 20: Carriage return typo

[UAX29] i18n comment 2: Not just TLCJ

[UAX29] i18n comment 3: Defining intended uses for grapheme clusters

[UAX29] i18n comment 4: Historically originally

[UAX29] i18n comment 5: Definition of EDGCs

[UAX29] i18n comment 6: Indic scripts or Tamil?

[UAX29] i18n comment 7: Hangul stacks

[UAX29] i18n comment 8: Conjunct clusters

[UAX29] i18n comment 9: Types of grapheme clusters

[WCAG2 TECHS] i18n comment 1: H34 example source direction

[WCAG2 TECHS] i18n comment 5: H56 source text

ABNF guidance

agenda+ Should we drop xml-spec for our WG Notes?

Bidi comments for html5

BOM and UTF-16LE/BE (was: Re: several messages about handling encodings in HTML)

C14N 1.1 review concerns...

case in Selectors API

Changes to activity home and techniques index

Characters, entities and references

Comment about "Be flexible when referencing Unicode!"

comment on OWL1.1 Syntax: stale reference

Comment on XML 1.0 PER: Editorial update of reference for "BCP 47"

dir attribute in HTML 5

FWD: [Bug 3076] Normative ref to 1.0 or 1.1 datatypes

Fwd: several messages about handling encodings in HTML

i18n comments on dir

i18n Core telecon minutes 2008-01-30

i18n Core telecon minutes 2008-02-27

i18n Core telecon minutes 2008-03-12

i18n Core telecon minutes 20080-02-06

IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs

possible issue with LEIRI definition in draft-duerst-iri-bis-02.txt

several messages about handling encodings in HTML

Suggestion for mail to HTML 5 WG about bidirectionality markup in HTML 5

Tests updated and new results page

Translation of i18n articles

UAX #29 comments

UAX 29 comments

UAX 29 review

UAX29, Prepended characters

Unable to send comments on UAX29

Your comments on WCAG 2.0 Last Call Working Draft of December, 2007

§2.1.3 IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs

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