Re: [HTML5] i18n comment 1: Rendering bidi without a style sheet

Hello Richard,

Just a comment about the comments:

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>Comment from the i18n review of:
>Comment 1
>Editorial/substantive: S
>Tracked by: RI
>Location in reviewed document:
>3.4.4 []
>\"The processing of this attribute depends on the presentation layer. For 
>example, CSS 2.1 defines a mapping from this attribute to the CSS 
>\'direction\' and \'unicode-bidi\' properties, and defines rendering in 
>terms of those properties.\"

Reading the quote here is confusing. First, there seem to be some escaping
problems (all these \' and \" instead of just ' and ").

But what's more important, it says "Comment", but actually is a quote.
Given that the other data fields are so well identified, this is
confusing. I'd create a new field, such as "Quote from Spec",
and move the "Comment:" heading to where the actual comments start.

Regards,    Martin.

>We think that HTML 5, like HTML 4, should be able to render bidirectional 
>text without a style sheet. It would break backwards compatibility to 
>remove the ability of a browser to do so without CSS. Therefore in our 
>opinion, HTML 5 has to describe the expected behavior in at least the 
>detail of HTML 4 rather than leave it up to the \"presentation layer\".
>Note that we do not want to impose a requirement on implementations of HTML 
>5 to implement CSS, but you could describe the expected behaviour by just 
>referencing CSS and defining a default stylesheet fragment. This would just 
>mean that an HTML 5 implementation has to make things behave as if it used 
>this CSS default stylesheet fragment

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