Re: dir attribute in HTML 5

Hi Najib, all,

Najib Tounsi wrote:
> Hi Felix, all
> Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I had a look at
>> were it says
>> "The processing of this attribute depends on the presentation layer. 
>> For example, CSS 2.1 defines a mapping from this attribute to the CSS 
>> 'direction' and 'unicode-bidi' properties, and defines rendering in 
>> terms of those properties."
>> This is quite different to HTML 4
>> which contains references for implementers of the Unicode BIDI 
>> algorithm, 
> Reference to the Bidi algorithm is put at the bdo description:

thanks for checking, I had missed that. We still might ask them to have 
the reference also within the description of the "dir" attribute.

> "The bdo element allows authors to override the Unicode bidi algorithm 
> by explicitly specifying a direction override. [BIDI]"
> 4 paragraphs later, "The requirements on handling the bdo  element for 
> the bidi algorithm may be implemented indirectly through the style 
> layer."
> It is not clear what do they mean here.

 From my understanding, HTML 5 mainly formulates restrictions on its two 
serializations (or rather says "there are two serializations, XML and 
HTML"), describes properties of a common DOM which can be generation 
from these serializations, and an algorithm for
the generation process. However, HTML 5 does not formulate restrictions 
on the *rendering* of the DOM. CSS and HTML 5 seem to be rather 
separate, and so are normative statements on rendering issues.

Since the rendering of HTML documents is rather important for many i18n 
areas, we might to ask the HTML Working Group for a general 
clarification about this.


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