Comment on XML 1.0 PER: Editorial update of reference for "BCP 47"

Hello XML Core Working Group,

the I18N Core Working Group would like to make an editorial comment on 
the XML 1.0 PER draft at

in sec. 2.12
the document contains a reference to "BCP 47 or its successor". We would 
propose to change this to "BPC 47" (delete "or its successor"), since 
BCP 47 represents always the latest RFC used for language 
identification. See the same proposal we made as part of a comment on 
XML Schema 1.1. at

Please note that in case you just do not have time to do this edit, we 
do not regard this issue as critical and would be fine to deal with it 
after the PER transition.

Thank you,


Received on Sunday, 27 January 2008 07:57:18 UTC