FWD: [Bug 3076] Normative ref to 1.0 or 1.1 datatypes

------- Comment #3 from sandygao@ca.ibm.com  2008-03-17 21:01 -------
At its telcon on 2008-03-14, the XML Schema WG adopted the wording 
proposal at
(member-only link), and believes this issue now to be resolved.  

2 terms are introduced: "XML-1.0-based datatypes" and "XML-1.1-based

Francois, please let us know if you agree with this resolution of your 
by adding a comment to the issue record and changing the Status of the 
issue to
Closed. Or, if you do not agree with this resolution, please add a comment
explaining why. If you wish to appeal the WG's decision to the Director, 
also change the Status of the record to Reopened. If you wish to record your
dissent, but do not wish to appeal the decision to the Director, then change
the Status of the record to Closed. If we do not hear from you in the 
next two
weeks, we will assume you agree with the WG decision.

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