Re: dir attribute in HTML 5

Hi Felix, all

Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Hi all,
> I had a look at
> were it says
> "The processing of this attribute depends on the presentation layer. 
> For example, CSS 2.1 defines a mapping from this attribute to the CSS 
> 'direction' and 'unicode-bidi' properties, and defines rendering in 
> terms of those properties."
> This is quite different to HTML 4
> which contains references for implementers of the Unicode BIDI algorithm, 

Reference to the Bidi algorithm is put at the bdo description:

"The bdo element allows authors to override the Unicode bidi algorithm 
by explicitly specifying a direction override. [BIDI]"

4 paragraphs later, 
"The requirements on handling the bdo  element for the bidi algorithm 
may be implemented indirectly through the style layer."
It is not clear what do they mean here.


> or ITS
> which points to CSS 2.1 definitions not "For example", but recommends 
> to use these.
> I would propose to make a comment on HTML 5 that they should follow 
> the ITS approach, that is to be more specific about the required 
> semantics and recommend CSS 2.1
> Any thoughts?
> Felix

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