[UAX29] i18n comment 9: Types of grapheme clusters

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Comment 9
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3 [http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr29/tr29-12.html#Grapheme_Cluster_Boundaries]

There are many types of grapheme clusters. Examples include:...

It is not clear whether this list refers to user perceived characters or different types of default grapheme cluster defined in this document. Please clarify, and if the former, please add an example of a complex indic syllable. 

The khmer coeng+consonant combinations do not seem to qualify as default grapheme clusters according to the rules in this section, unless the fact that they are named sequences has some bearing, though that is not made clear. Please clarify this and provide some explanatory text for the link to the named sequences list.

(This is another example of inconsistent use of terminology related to grapheme clusters.) 


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