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4.1.5 and 4.2.9 unclear - AND or OR

[agenda] Agenda for today's call

[agenda] BPWG 2009-06-09

[agenda] BPWG Teleconferece 2009-06-16

[agenda] MWBP Teleconference 2009-06-23

[Canceled] MWBP Teleconference 2009-06-23

[minutes] 2 June 2009 Teleconf

[minutes] BPWG Teleconference 2009-06-09

[minutes] Tuesday 16 June 2009 Teleconf

[minutes] Tuesday 30 June 2009 teleconf

ACTION-892: Information Conformance Statement for CT Guidelines

ACTION-929: CTG abstract

ACTION-952, ACTION-953 and ACTION-954 on MobileOK Scheme 1.0

ACTION-957: Ask Rigo to consider Jo's comments and revise mobileOK license accordingly

ACTION-961: usefulness of multipart-mixed

ACTION-961: usefulness of multipart-mixed [recent mobile CSS sprite case study]

ACTION-981: user preferences

ACTION-982: style sheets

ACTION-983: same-document reference

ACTION-985: relevant terminology for section 5.

Apologies for 16th Jun.

Best Practices and mobileOK in Wordle

Bing for mobile

BP addendum progress

BPWG Teleconference 2009-06-30

clarifications needed / HTTP header fields, URI patterns

Content Transformation Guidelines 1r

CT Guidelines Draft 1s

CT guidelines: X-Device-* definition

CTG: clarifications needed / HTTP header fields, URI patterns

CTG: repository of ICS / testing mailing list.

FYI: Privacy Jungle: Data Protection in Social Networks

mobile browser support for CSS media queries (was: RE: MWABP: Revised text for Device Capability Detection.)

MobileOK scheme

mobileOK Scheme 1.0 2090622 Final Draft

mobileOK Scheme and Policy published

MWABP: Revised text for Device Capability Detection.

MWBP-WCAG doc - Audience section

New MWABP draft. (LC candidate ?)

New MWABP draft. (LC candidate ?) / comments

Package namespace for checker extensions


Regrets for 2009-06-02

Reminder: June 19 deadline for comments re LCWD of Widgets 1.0: Packaging and Configuration spec

repository of ICS / testing mailing list.

tests for XSS

transcoding and security

Vodafone launching its own mobile app

WCAG-MWBP document ready for publication

Web Performance Best Practices

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