Re: MWABP: Revised text for Device Capability Detection.

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009 10:16:52 +0200, Adam Connors <>  

> re: Chaal's question:
>> More to the point, this calls into question the strength of "prefer  
>> server side techniques". While it is clear that those are more
>> powerful, and can reduce the amount of content sent to the client,
>> they are more complicated and are not necessarily available.
> Isn't the difference here that we're talking about Web *applications*  
> rather than simple content.

I don't think so. Simplicity of development is simplicity of development.  
And while the logic of an application is complicated, the layout is often  
similar to relatively similar content in practice.

> That you can modify layout etc with stylesheets is kind
> of taken as read. We should probably call this out more explicitly.


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