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> Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>> On Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:18:10 +0200, Jo Rabin <> wrote:

>>> I don't understand your objection which seems to be rather to do with  
>>> mobileOK Basic Tests than this document.

>>  No, it is with the specific phrasing that says "doing a really good  
>> job is not mobileOK", rather than saying "doing a good job can also be  
>> mobileOK and is encouraged in the overall work behind mobileOK".
> And I thought Groundhog day was in February.

Well, I tried it once in April, and it seems to have come back.

> I don't think there's a lot of disagreement here. The spirit of  
> mobileOK, and, AIUI, the letter of it, is that you must be able to  
> return a basic representation in the absence of information that says  
> you're talking to a more able device.


> Users of devices that are more capable device have a reasonable  
> expectation that they will get a representation that exploits their  
> device's capabilities to present something better.


> In other words, being mobileOK means that you can deal with simple  
> devices.


> Since there is no agreement what a more capable device can do, we can't  
> say that mobileOK means that you can also do X, Y and Z.

Agreed. *BUT* there is also no justification to say that the result of  
doing this is somehow not mobileOK, which is what the current text implies.

> However, an Opera Mini user, or an iPhone user, can be reasonably sure  
> that a mobileOK site will exploit the capabilities of their device in  
> such a way as to give them an enhanced experience.

No, they can't be reasonably sure actually. But nor should we be saying  
that a site which does this is somehow doing something that is not  

> Again, mobileOK and the BPs from which it is ultimately derived do not  
> mean working to the lowest common denominator.

Right. And I want to remove the statement in the MobileOK scheme that  
looks like "not working to the LCD is not mobileOK".



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