RE: ACTION-982: style sheets

> If you've transformed all the HTML
> that the CSS is intended for then
> surely, whether the CSS is marked as mobile or not, it may
> simply be
> irrelevant?

The implication source markup transformed 
=> associated CSS irrelevant is, strictly
speaking, only valid for those in-line CSS
rules that are directly bound to markup 
elements and disappear with them. 

> Apologies if I am missing your point.

CSS for selectors which appear both in the
original markup and in the transformed source
remains relevant.

CSS for selectors which no longer appear in
the transformed markup may be superfluous, but
does not harm.

CSS for selectors that are no longer part of
the target syntax of the transformed markup
are irrelevant but then, correcting the syntax
(for invalid selectors) of CSS is a valid case
of a transformation no matter what the 

Putting it to the extreme: does transforming
markup mean that included image resources 
become irrelevant and can then be replaced by
whatever the proxy fancies?



Received on Tuesday, 23 June 2009 12:25:26 UTC