Vodafone launching its own mobile app

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Surfing in the Internet for some news in the world of the Mobile Web, I have
found an interesting article. It says that Vodafone, a European telecoms
giant, will launch its own mobile application storefront, promising web
companies and developers a single point of access to millions of its
worldwide subscribes. The app storefront will go live later this year and
will provide users with individually controlled access to network
capabilities like location awareness. It will also develop a set of network
APIs to guarantee that new applications will work across its entire
footprint. They say it will also enable subscribers to get all the details
about how their information is accessed and used. 


If it comes out according to their plans, I think that the Mobile Web will
reach a new stage of its development. 

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Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 15:01:03 UTC