Re: Vodafone launching its own mobile app

> Surfing in the Internet for some news in the world of the Mobile Web, I have
> found an interesting article. It says that Vodafone, a European telecoms
> giant, will launch its own mobile application storefront, promising web
> companies and developers a single point of access to millions of its
> worldwide subscribes. The app storefront will go live later this year and
> will provide users with individually controlled access to network
> capabilities like location awareness. It will also develop a set of network
> APIs to guarantee that new applications will work across its entire
> footprint. They say it will also enable subscribers to get all the details
> about how their information is accessed and used.


I'm currently consulting with Vodafone and their widget manager (which
I think is what you mean by storefront), and although I've heard quite
a lot, I haven't heard a peep about location awareness.

I'd appreciate some further information.

ppk, freelance front-end consultant,
agent, and trainer

Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 17:02:15 UTC