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block encryption algorithm padding

CFP: 2002 ACM Workshop on XML Security

Decryption Transform processing question

DigestMethod in AgreementMethod

Encryption: Onward and Upward -- Your Response Needed

EncryptionMethod in XMLEnc and DigestMethod in XMLDSig

EncryptionMethod in XMLEnc and SignatureMethod in XMLDSig

example 2.1.4

Fwd: Moving exc-c14n forward: your response is needed!


Next steps for xenc

possible DoS attack

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Schema validation problem

small mistype

Tobin's Infoset for external entities

Transforms on Ciphertext (Was: block encryption algorithm padding)

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What do we do with our CMS References?

What do we do with our SHA References? (Was: What do we do with our CMS References?)

Why is Except limited to local fragments?

XKMS Requirements Last Call

XML Encryption Interoperability Report

XML Security Library: XML Encryption Interoperability Report

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