Re: Tobin's Infoset for external entities


On Thursday 04 April 2002 15:06, merlin wrote:
> My proposed revision of Takeshi's text is below. 

I included your text (with the UTF-8 encoding (Takeshi, let me know if you 
don't want this) and I changed the example element names from Foo and Bar 
since foo was the NS prefix). revision: 1.44;

> Also, at some
> point we should adopt the RSA-OAEP update [1] (with the
> hyphenation fixed in the algorithm list).

I missed this but put it back in my queue. I expect this change will 
require a new namespace. This might not be a big problem if we already have 
to change it because of [1] -- but I've thought about it and this might not 
require the change... (see forthcoming email.)


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