Re: Tobin's Infoset for external entities

I'd personally suggest a slight alteration of the Text Wrapping
explanation; I think the appendix should describe the entire
process, including entitity definitions and namespace attributes.
Otherwise, the process is slightly tortuous and perhaps less
clear than it could be. Also, should we specify an encoding
attribute? Perhaps the default is to assume UTF-8. Should we
copy down xml:* attributes? I'm not advocating this, just
wondering if it is appropriate.

My proposed revision of Takeshi's text is below. Also, at some
point we should adopt the RSA-OAEP update [1] (with the
hyphenation fixed in the algorithm list).


6.A Text Wrapping

 This appendix specifies the process for wrapping text, which is
 performed in decryptXML() (section 2.1.1). The process is a part of the
 process proposed by Richard Tobin in [Tobin] originally for
 constructing the infoset [XML-Infoset] of an external entity.

 The process consists of the following steps:

 1. Emit an XML declaration with the version number "1.0"
    (? and the encoding "UTF-8" ?).

 2. If the document containing the data being decrypted bears
    any entity declarations, then emit a document type declaration
    that provides these entity declarations.

 3. Emit a <code>dummy</code> element start tag with namespace
    attributes defining all the namespaces in scope for the data being

 4. Emit the decrypted plaintext.

 5. Emit a <code>dummy</code> element end tag.

Consider the following document containing an EncryptedData

<!DOCTYPE Document [
  <!ENTITY dsig ''>
<Document xmlns="">
  <foo:Body xmlns:foo="">
    <EncryptedData xmlns="..." ...>...</EncryptedData>

If this document is fed through the decryption transform and
the ciphertext decrypts to the plaintext "<Foo /><foo:Bar />",
then this will be wrapped as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE dummy [<!ENTITY dsig ''>]>
<dummy xmlns="" xmlns:foo=""><Foo /><foo:Bar /></dummy>


>On Tuesday 02 April 2002 11:09, Takeshi Imamura wrote:
>> >> I think too it is a good idea to include necessary parts of Tobin's
>> >> text to the spec.  If you allow me time, I think I can propose the
>> >> text.
>> I tried making the text and changing the spec accordingly.  Please find
>> the text below:
>Thank you Takeshi, I've tried to integrate this into [1]. Also, Merlin, I 
>think the last issue we need to settle on for this document was whether we 
>really need the ability to decrypt binary data out of a larger XML document 
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