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Re: FW: Re: rsa/oaep

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 13:56:26 -0400
Message-Id: <200204161756.NAA02729@tux.w3.org>
To: "Tom Gindin" <tgindin@us.ibm.com>, "Eastlake <Donald.Eastlake@motorola.com>" <dee3@torque.pothole.com>
Cc: xml-encryption@w3.org
On Monday 15 April 2002 11:36, Tom Gindin wrote:
>       I was proposing this as a long-term naming convention for the use
> of OAEP.  I did not propose that we replace the existing URI, merely that
> we document that the existing URI is "RSA with OAEP and SHA-1 used for
> both the hash algorithm and the MGF".

Sorry for the misunderstaing Tom. Let me ask a question then. I've stated 
I'm not comfortable with change to making SHA-1 the default value of the 
DigestMethod being SHA-1. (Implicit semantics are generally avoided). I 
plan to remove this on the next edits I do. *Whatever* algorithm provided 
in DigestMethod is used by RSAES-OAEP-ENCRYPT. However, regardless of the 
specified DigestMethod, SHA-1 is always used for the MGF1?
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