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Possible Bug Richard Hulse (Tuesday, 1 April)

bad link Christian Weiske (Monday, 31 March)

BSAMO invites you to promote your music. SAMO (Sunday, 30 March)

BSAMO invites you to promote your music. SAMO (Sunday, 30 March)

Re: Why does it say ALL images need alt tags? matar84@comcast.net (Sunday, 30 March)

Please delete my name Aziz Matar (Saturday, 29 March)

valid HTML 4.01 picture -> missing transparency m.linnemann (Thursday, 27 March)

Feature Request: Send Accept header Herr Christian Wolfgang Hujer (Thursday, 27 March)

Broken links to privacy statements Shaw, Michael (Tuesday, 25 March)

Error in W3c HTML 4.01 validator? Lars Hallberg (Monday, 24 March)

Page Valet updated Nick Kew (Monday, 24 March)

/check/referer not working Stan (Sunday, 23 March)

icon valid html 4.01 strict marmoute (Sunday, 23 March)

validating dynamically generated pages that use 'post' data Guy Heatley (Saturday, 22 March)

Transparency of "valid-html401.png" Łukasz Korczewski (Friday, 21 March)

/BR chris (Thursday, 20 March)

Form Element Content in ISO/IEC 15445:2000(ISO-HTML) form@milkchest.com (Friday, 21 March)

ID 'FOO' already defined Dan Smith (Thursday, 20 March)

Validator trying to validate javascript as HTML Torben V. Rudgaard (Thursday, 20 March)

XHTML 1.0 Transitional-I don't understand, why my page is not valid. Robert Sill (Tuesday, 18 March)

W3 Validator Page Doesn't Validate Teague Costas (Monday, 17 March)

SVG 1.0 DTD has been updated Tobias Reif (Monday, 17 March)

validator-bug Aubrey Jaffer (Monday, 17 March)

Demande d''inscription Illusionarte@aol.com (Sunday, 16 March)

validator validating non valid page L Rutker (Sunday, 16 March)

Rhett Tyler Uvmdave@cs.com (Saturday, 15 March)

[TN] Ahmad Imran (Friday, 14 March)

French Interface? Yan Morin (Thursday, 13 March)

checklink: Tim Wilson (Thursday, 13 March)

FOO and BAR Gregor Hagedorn (Thursday, 13 March)

checklink: HTML Validity Link Broken Guy M. Fisher (Tuesday, 11 March)

Just a small point Pete Moore (Wednesday, 12 March)

We provide for best foucet Taizhou yiheng Brass Co.,Ltd(China) (Wednesday, 12 March)

page validates before web host gets to it DPJDTEN (Tuesday, 11 March)

Revisiting EARL for Validation Nick Kew (Tuesday, 11 March)

[www-validator] <none> Morten Andersen-Gott (Tuesday, 11 March)

validation in Opera Håkon Wium Lie (Tuesday, 11 March)

Tip of the day: Cool URIs don't change John R. Daily (Tuesday, 11 March)

Broken Links on the Webpage klaus zerwes (Tuesday, 11 March)

validation of whitespace before the XML prologue Jan Egil Kristiansen (Tuesday, 11 March)

Validator & URL issue Warhurst, SI (Spencer) (Tuesday, 11 March)

xhtml form name bug Richard H (Sunday, 9 March)

an usability suggestion Juan Lanus (Saturday, 8 March)

XML-compatible Empty Tags? Charles Walker (Saturday, 8 March)

Wording on the validator site Liorean (Thursday, 6 March)

Validating & in urls Liorean (Wednesday, 5 March)

Trouble including URL c.d.embrey (Wednesday, 5 March)

little bug in parsing style attribute Volker Sturm (Wednesday, 5 March)

Fwd: All right I'm new at this MEEKS Timothy R (Tuesday, 4 March)

w3c online test put junk in code pinkalls (Tuesday, 4 March)

Possible bug in HTML 4.01 transitional Validator logic David Bryant (Monday, 3 March)

Re: Suggesion for the w3 validator error messages. Terje Bless (Monday, 3 March)

Re: Why a difference in the way a page is validated when uploaded vs. URL given????? Terje Bless (Monday, 3 March)

Re: Possible bug in XHTML 1.1 validator? Terje Bless (Monday, 3 March)

Re: Installing the validator on OS X Chris Casciano (Sunday, 2 March)

List of links at validator site Gazza (Sunday, 2 March)

List of links at validator site Gazza (Sunday, 2 March)

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