Re: little bug in parsing style attribute

* Volker Sturm wrote:
>I wrote a html 4.01 transitional file with a table in it. I applied a style
>attribute to a <th>-tag.
><th style="text-align:left, color:#3333FF">
>Note the comma in the attribute value list. This was validated as valid html
>4.01 transitional. Mozilla 1.3b did not recognize the style tag at all. When
>I changed the comma to a semicolon it was of course still valid html 4.01
>transitional - and recognized by Mozilla. I guess that the Validator should
>inform about the wrong use of commas in a style attribute list.

The MarkUp Validator does not validate Cascading Style Sheets, use
the CSS Validator <> instead.

Received on Wednesday, 5 March 2003 04:37:48 UTC