Re: validation in Opera

* Terje Bless wrote:
>>As you may know, the Opera browser offers to validate pages by
>>uploading the source to the W3C validator. [...] This feature
>>doesn't work very well at the moment. There are two problems:
>> 1) lack of DOCTYPE in documents, and
>> 2) lack of <meta http-equiv

>What you are asking for is in essence that the Validator provide defaults
>for these two values when one is not explicitly given. We've considered
>this long and hard and come to the conclusion that this is the least
>desireable solution; it gives users little or no incentive to fix this.

What's the incentive to fix a missing alt attribute on an img element?
The validator just reports the error and tells the user the document is
invalid. Following your rationale the validator should report the error
and stop any further processing. Let me quote Henry S. Thompson on this
issue (<>):

  I think the role of the validator is to help people debug their web
  pages, so that we get a better web, and I don't think the current
  behaviour wrt missing DOCTYPE and/or charset is achieving that.
  I've never seen (or would certainly never use a 2nd time) a compiler
  that stopped processing my source file the first time it saw an error.

People visiting <> already got an incentive
checking and probably fixing their documents. And many of them lose
it right there :-(

Received on Tuesday, 11 March 2003 22:54:48 UTC