Re: validation in Opera

* Nick Kew wrote:
>DOCTYPE is mandated by W3C HTML standards, and its absence is an error.
>I think the point was that the W3 validator treats that error as fatal,
>and that that may be having a negative effect by turning novice users
>away from validation altogether.

I have often used the validator to help others fixing their site, but I
stopped doing so, when 0.6.0 went live, because I typically have to
submit the same page two, three and sometimes even four times in order
to get meaningful results. I also stopped advertising use of the W3C
MarkUp Validator alltogether, because many people don't understand why
the Validator rejects their pages, and either complain why I point them
at such broken tools or ask me why it behaves like this, and I don't
want to explain it again and again, so this doesn't effect novices only.

Received on Saturday, 15 March 2003 13:44:32 UTC