validation in Opera

Dear validators,

I come in peace.

As you may know, the Opera browser offers to validate pages by
uploading the source to the W3C validator. To get to this function,
you right-click on the page, Fram->Validate source.

This feature doesn't work very well at the moment. There are two problems:

 1) lack of DOCTYPE in documents, and
 2) lack of <meta http-equiv
In the case of 1), the validator will refuse to process the document
and the retuned page has no options for revalidation (which it has when
the URL is sent). I think this problem could be improved if there was
a way for us to tell the validator "please look for a DOCTYPE in what
we send you, if you can't find any use HTML 4.01 transitional".

2) is slightly trickier. Most pages include this information in the
HTTP header, but Opera does not pass this information along with the
source. Is there a way for us to do so? One that would be overridden
by the META tag, if found?


              Håkon Wium Lie                          cto °þe®ª        

Received on Tuesday, 11 March 2003 10:11:57 UTC