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checklink: links into RDF bug Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 31 January)

W3C Link Checker uses unregistered media type Nicolas Roeser (Friday, 31 January)

BUG Adam Cogan www.ssw.com.au (Friday, 31 January)

Fwd: Validator Question Olivier Thereaux (Friday, 31 January)

Some little error Fernando J. Pereda (Thursday, 30 January)

[www-validator] <none> Brinkman, Dave (Wednesday, 29 January)

Using slash inside font-tag does not validate Julian G. F. Zimmerle (Wednesday, 29 January)

500 Can't connect to www.peepo.com:80 (Bad hostname 'www.peepo.com') Jonathan Chetwynd (Wednesday, 29 January)

Why does not work recursive test? Ing. Zdenek Havranek, HAF (Sunday, 26 January)

Implementation of W3C HTML validator on Intranet (NT and IIS 4) Anurag (Friday, 24 January)

Is this the wrong place? Ask Just (Friday, 24 January)

CSS optimizer? Hawk,Mickey (Thursday, 23 January)

nosgml options Nigel J. Andrews (Thursday, 23 January)

What is "-//W3C//DTD HTML//EN" ? Frederic Schutz (Thursday, 23 January)

unvalid HTML in Valid HTML stamp code Bruno Trevisan (Wednesday, 22 January)

Button Type validation Charles Hildebrant (Wednesday, 22 January)

Bug in www-validator? Aki Tossavainen (Wednesday, 22 January)

Re: checklink is apparently not one of the 10000 debian packages yet Frederic Schutz (Wednesday, 22 January)

RFE: allow location spoofing in online validator Paul Grosso (Tuesday, 21 January)

"border" with Netscape 4.75 Peter (Tuesday, 21 January)

Error on page: http://validator.w3.org/source/ Martin P. Larsen (Tuesday, 21 January)

Lack of opening <html> and it still validates Peter of the Norse (Monday, 20 January)

Sending the wrong message wrt DOCTYPE and charset Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 20 January)

Support data URI scheme. Russell O'Connor (Sunday, 19 January)

Possible mistake regarding 4.01 Strict validation of <a> Asbjoern Grandt (Saturday, 18 January)

UNBESCHRńNKTER VERDIENST VON ZU HAUSE AUS! biggi@biggi-reviera.de (Saturday, 18 January)

History of Nova Scotia page Elaine Jeffery (Thursday, 9 January)

Recommended Valid HTML check/referer no longer works DI Management (Thursday, 16 January)

[henri@w3.org: Re: [Moderator Action] Is part of your site down?] Henri Fallon (Thursday, 16 January)

SOS! Please, Help RUSSIAN Children which need medical assistance. Dr. Sergey Likhachev (Tuesday, 14 January)

W3C validator - html4 - bug report post-log!q 'shout' (Wednesday, 15 January)

Real time validation... Miles Burton (Wednesday, 15 January)

Suggestion for a fix Ali Bali (Tuesday, 14 January)

Invalid pages on the validator site Henri Fallon (Monday, 13 January)

JSP error? Angela Johansson (Monday, 13 January)

Bug when there's a ":" in error message... Kevin Hanna (Sunday, 12 January)

http://validator.w3.org/check is not valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Alexander Holupirek (Saturday, 11 January)

slighty ot: Valid Documents Joshua House (Thursday, 9 January)

A goof on my part.. WingsNFur1@aol.com (Friday, 10 January)

Possible bug in the SGML parser? Andrew Whalan (Friday, 10 January)

Suggested change: Error message on attempt to Validate non-existing file Tim Bonham (Friday, 10 January)

HTTP header 'Accept' should be sent by Validator Tom Pike (Friday, 10 January)

"detect automatically" Bjoern Hoehrmann (Friday, 10 January)

Fallbacks Bjoern Hoehrmann (Friday, 10 January)

checklink: CLEOBEBE@WEBTV.NET Gladys Shaffer (Friday, 10 January)

detailed.html vs table.tmpl (trivial patch) Dave Evans (Thursday, 9 January)

main::iana_charset_blurb() Hans Christian Studt (Wednesday, 8 January)

Feedback on the validator elfin (Tuesday, 7 January)

Installling mirror Hans Christian Studt (Monday, 6 January)

error? in W3C HTML Validator re: name attribute micheleberkes@northwesternmutual.com (Tuesday, 7 January)

re: doc type for Front Page 2002 Index page "fatal error: no doctype specified" Wilsilcom190@aol.com (Tuesday, 31 December)

Not detected error Marnix (Wednesday, 1 January)

Validation results. Stamproom2@aol.com (Monday, 30 December)

improvements for validator.w3.org/check Andrew Fleisher (Thursday, 2 January)

Wracktauchen Nord- und Ostsee 2003 mit MS-Gotland Crew MS-Gotland (Monday, 30 December)

erroneous error in validator? Jeremy M. Dolan (Tuesday, 31 December)

Error messages regressed? Nick Kew (Tuesday, 7 January)

validator error explanation Kristi Adams (Monday, 6 January)

long quip Brant Langer Gurganus (Sunday, 5 January)

JavaScript messes up validator Robert J. Accettura (Sunday, 5 January)

checklink: http://arielpartners.com Chip Morris (Tuesday, 31 December)

memoir corrmich (Friday, 3 January)

icon WC3 in PNG have not a transparence background Cyril Gironde (Friday, 3 January)

Installing from cvs HEAD - feedback Dave Evans (Friday, 3 January)

Validator Problem Andreas Frick (Friday, 3 January)

html 4.01 validator rober160@ift.ulaval.ca (Tuesday, 31 December)

IV Delimiter error Cristina Cista (Thursday, 2 January)

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