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From: Anton Gombkötö <gombkoetoe@ASSOFT.COM>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 20:41:02 +0100
Message-ID: <3E1DD04E.8040204@assoft.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org


That's the problem:

My server - an IBM iSeries - is sending "iso_8859-1" instead of the more 
popular "iso-8859-1".

It's not >me< sending this, it's IBM. (The page in the above link 
doesn't actually exist - it's the very default error message by IBM.)

I contacted IBM, as i thought it was a typo, but it isn't. They chose 
iso_8859-1 for whatever reason. IT IS VALID. Little me couldn't convince 
them that they make it unnecessarily hard for the machine in the www.

But the online HTML page verification is complaining about a fatal error.

This makes it a bit hard for me to excel with handwritten HTML pages on 
this very platform when i have difficulties to prove to customers at 
their site. I know that i can override it with the extended interface. 
But a bad taste stays.

Please, please, please, allow iso_8859-1.

As i'm asking for this for the third time already: No matter how you 
stand to IBM - You aren't doing a favor to IBM, you are doing a favor to 
me. When i should have been inpolite, and that's the reason for not 
implementing this hopefully little piece - excuse me, english is not my 
mother's language. It was not intentional.

Thank you very much in advance,
whoever is so nice to update the online verification.

Anton Gombkötö
Avenum Technologie GmbH
Received on Thursday, 9 January 2003 14:46:08 UTC

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