W3C validator - html4 - bug report


I would like to submit you a problem I encounter when validating HTML 4.01

First you have to know that my testings were done by upload..

Because trying to validate online cause the validator to report that the
content type "application/octet-stream" is not currently supported by this

So the first problem in wanted to told you about is that
the report mention errors after reading the META REFRESH. I know that this
is not allowed but I really want to redirect users to a noscript page if
they have disabled scripting.

This meta seems to cause an unpredictable behaviour of the validator:
- the following <head> tag is not recognised.
- document type does not allow element "BODY" as the report says.

An example page is attached for you to do a test by upload.

However, my pages (with complete layout scripts css) are working well. So
maybe I just should don't care. But you guys are probably dealing with
parsing every day so...

Just continue doing a good job... Any feedback of the feedback will be
appreciated too.



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