Re: W3C validator - html4 - bug report

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, post-log!q 'shout' wrote:

> First you have to know that my testings were done by upload..
> Because trying to validate online cause the validator to report that the
> content type "application/octet-stream" is not currently supported by this
> service.

Then your server is misconfigured, and if you see HTML in your browser
that's a severe bug.

> So the first problem in wanted to told you about is that
> the report mention errors after reading the META REFRESH. I know that this
> is not allowed but I really want to redirect users to a noscript page if
> they have disabled scripting.

Meta refresh is allowed (although it's usually bad practice, and the
way you're using it is very wrong).  But <noscript> can't go in <head>.

> This meta seems to cause an unpredictable behaviour of the validator:
> - the following <head> tag is not recognised.
> - document type does not allow element "BODY" as the report says.

That's because <noscript> implies </head>.  Look at the parse tree.

Nick Kew

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