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On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Brinkman, Dave wrote:

> I have 3 problems you could help me with
> Problem 1
> At the url below


I don't see a URL below.  Maybe that's due to the failure of line wrapping
in your message.
> "The HTTP Content-Type header sent by your web browser (unknown) did not contain a "charset" parameter, but the Content-Type was one of the XML text/* sub-types (text/xml). "  
>   even with that encoding="UTF-8" 

That's not a problem.  When you have the document on a
correctly-configured webserver, the validator will be happy with the
Content-Type header it sends.

> Problem 2
> This validator is throwing out as invalid any JavaScript comparisons with < as if it needed &lt; which incorrect since  the validator should not force the use of html comments or xml  CDATA within JavaScript.

If you think that's wrong, please give a URL that demonstrates it.

> Problem 3
> This validator is throwing out as invalid any 'get'  data within an href="url?... " that has an ampersand in. Yes I know &amp; works but it is already within quotes and should be ignored as CDATA.

This is an FAQ.  See the explanations.

Nick Kew

Received on Wednesday, 29 January 2003 16:22:04 UTC