Re: nosgml options

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 19:11, Nigel J. Andrews wrote:

> I installed the validator locally as I was finding the W3C server typically
> took 20s to delivery result pages to my application. However, I've found that
> it takes about the same locally as well. Now I've verified that check runs for
> about 2s and I've sat watching the network traffic appear about 15s after this
> exits. So, is this a known issue?

No, I can't reproduce it locally or on  For example,
validating <> takes about 2-3 seconds here, using
either a local instance or  What is your
"application"?  Can you reproduce the delay with a browser?

> Perhaps it's the result of setting server-parsed on .html files for the
> validator?

I don't think so, I guess doesn't use that setup, but
uses XBitHack for its .html.  And my local setup uses the server-parsed

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