Re: Using slash inside font-tag does not validate

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Julian G. F. Zimmerle wrote:

> The validator does not validate the following page:
> I think that this is a bug, as it validates fine when I replace the
> slash with / or remove it. AFAIK it should be allowed to use slashes
> in the text?

It's a confusing error message.  The actual error comes from your
use of <p />, which is technically valid as SGML, but wrong as HTML,
and causes the following / to end the paragraph while the <font>
is still open.

The WDG Validator gives you a less confusing report here.  But upgrading
to HTML Strict is a better solution, as it will help the validator to
generate less misleading error messages (switching to XHTML sometimes
also helps with this kind of thing, but in this instance I think
OTTOMH you'd get a different confusing error).

Nick Kew

Received on Wednesday, 29 January 2003 18:03:01 UTC