error? in W3C HTML Validator re: name attribute

Hello all,

I was validating a file on the W3C HTML Validator. The only errors I got
were for the use of the name attribute in the IMG and FORM elements.
According to the HTML 4.01 spec, this attribute is kosher. (See and 

The file was uploaded from a local drive, so I can't give you the URI.
If it helps, here are some code snippets:

<img src="n_images/b_news.gif" border="0" alt="News & Events"
name="nav1" width="108" height="36">
<form name="seek1" method=GET accept-charset="iso-8859-1"

Is this an error in the validator? 

I am not a subscriber to the list, so please cc: my address if you have
any questions or comments for me. 


Michele Berkes
User-Centered Design Specialist
Northwestern Mutual

Received on Tuesday, 7 January 2003 14:05:10 UTC