SOS! Please, Help RUSSIAN Children which need medical assistance.

Dear sirs!

As you probably aware, economical and social situation in the Russia 
is very difficult now. Bone marrow transplantation is very expensive 
operation. Our federal funds are not able to cover cost of treatment.
On the other hand, the majority of the population make barely enough 
money to survive. That's why we have no other choice, but to ask 
for your help. The life of our patients wholly depends on the goodwill 
and charity of donators worldwide. Whether you decided to donate 
to our account, or help one of our patient you will make a difference 
between life and death. If you want to give THE GIFT OF LIFE for 
somebody in Russia you can donate directly to one of our patients 
accounts. You can keep in touch with site administrator and doctor 
in charge of the case, 
and find about treatment, state of health, etc. of every our patient. 
Above is the list of patients, they require bone marrow transplantation.

Related/unrelated allogeneic bone marrow transplantation is the most 
up-to-date and effective way of the treatment of many haematological,
oncological and inherited diseases, including acute and chronic 
leukemia, immunodeficiency, lymphoma, anemias, neuroblastoma, metabolic 
disorders, and in some cases, solid tumors. 
BMT procedure consists of several steps, such as collecting normal 
blood stem cells from healthy histoimmunologically matched donor 
out of bone marrow, peripheral blood, or umbilical cord blood "donor 
resources", executing any manipulations with these cells if needed,
for example - additional cleaning transplant from unimportant cells 
and transfusing transplant to recipient. Once the healthy stem cells 
are get to the patient's blood stream, the cells migrate from the 
blood vessels inside the bones, where they begin to prolifirate to 
or to give the birth to new blood cells. 
Hundreds of patients are registrated anew in Russia each year. Only 
BMT could save them. 
For all patients of our hospital center only one treatment option 
is possible: bone marrow transplantation. 

We would be very grateful to everyone who can take the opportunity 
to support treatment of the oncological patients or add our banner 
to their web site. The visitors to your web site regardless of its 
topic will appreciate your concern about ill children. Please write 
us and we will respond in kind.

Please, visit our Official web site at:

Thank you for your interest!

Sergey Likhachev

Very gratefull to those who help our children!

Received on Wednesday, 15 January 2003 19:40:21 UTC